Skoda Superb is the perfect family car

Skoda Superb is the perfect family car

Reliable, comfortable family car. All these qualities are combined in the car brand Skoda. Large automobile Czech holding company, named in honor of the entrepreneur and the founder of the factory Emil Skoda, original factory which was founded in 1895, which released its first car in 1905. In 1934 c conveyor descended original comfortable cars of Skoda superb .

The model was produced from 1934 to 1942, and at the end of the second world war the Czech concern presented model 4000, this was the luxury model of the entire line of cars of that time. Body length was increased to 5700 mm, which was called a phantom rolls Royce, as have the most powerful eight-cylinder engine.

In 1999he made the Skoda superb first generation, which was based on the Volkswagen Passat and which has undergone some design changes in 2006, in particular, has changed the grille, front lights and rear lights, interior and the car got a new engine.

At the present stage Škoda is a truly excellent car for a large family, first of all, quality built by Czech automaker Škoda Version cars produced between 2001 and 2008, based on the platform of the Volkswagen Passat, but lengthened by 10 cm and is equipped with the main mechanical transmission from Volkswagen Passat. Scoda superb currently the largest and most luxurious model in the model range of this well-known Czech brand. A luxury car has three main complete Comfort, Ambition and Elegance. In the car there is an interesting technology called TwinDoor, the back door opens without and with the rear window, so it combines the comfort of a hatchback with unique sophistication of a sedan. The cabin is more spacious, it utilizes the latest materials that enhance a high level of comfort. Interior space for rear passengers increased by 19 mm. There was a brand new differences from previous models, such as the knee and rear air bags up to nine pieces, special built-in assistant for Parking and the latest with adaptive bi-xenon lighting rotating together with car headlights, a built-in actuator which automatically closes the door.

Picking Ambition has a comfortable lounge in the performance of Rubicon, with three-spoke steering wheel, gear lever leather trimmed. In more expensive set of Elegance, there are expensive wooden inserts Noblesse.

The salon has the latest air-conditioning system, which allows you to select specific modes for both passenger and driver. There is a hatch with built-in solar panels that provides a good supply of fresh air, especially when the car is parked. There are heated front and rear seats, a built-in receiver Bolero with changer for 6 CDs with card reader, built into the roof led backlit for easy reading in the compartment and good management of all systems, is the illumination of the door handle. The driver’s seat fully electric regulation and there is the possibility of programming for all members of the family of the provisions of the chairs. Built-in navigation system Colambus pleasantly surprised 6.5 inch LCD display, with built-in memory 20 GB to store music collections. From the news in the rear doors there is a compartment for an umbrella, which is very useful in rainy weather.

Scoda Superb can be fitted with a series gasoline engine 1.4 L TSI 125 HP, a 1.8 L TSI with 160 horsepower, all-wheel drive version comes with the engine is a 3.6 L FSI 260 horses. Diesel units represented by versions of 1.4 TDI, TDI 1,8. 2.0 TDI with 105, 140, 170 HP, respectively.

The car received a complete redesign, the package may include easy alloy rims 16 inches and 17 inches, including sports modifications casting.

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