Protective cover-awning on the car AVS-520W S

Protective cover-awning on the car AVS-520W S

For the manufacture of covers use material polyester taffeta.

The material of protective cover-awning on the car . has excellent performance characteristics, high abrasion and moisture resistance, reflective and dustproof properties, protects the surface from adverse weather and climatic conditions.

To secure the cover on the car in the front and back cover at the bottom of the sewn-in elastic bands, tightening the bottom edge under the front and rear bumpers. Protective covers that we offer will keep your car in perfect condition in any weather.

The covers are made from durable waterproof fabric. Waterproof layer of the cover effectively reflects UV and heat rays

Durable, lightweight and compact during transportation

Convenient for quick and secure attachment

Soft inner side of the cover protects the paintwork floor of the vehicle from damage

Durable water-resistant layer protects from bad weather at any time of the year

Packed in a convenient storage and transport bag reusable

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