Named the fastest car in the world

Dream_50[1]Named the fastest car in the world

American car unofficially broke the speed record

The American company Hennessey has tested its Venom GT supercar on the runway at Kennedy space center at Cape Canaveral, and this model has reached such a speed, which has not yet been reached no production car in the world – 435,3 km/h. The previous record belonged to the Bugatti Veyron Super Sport: this model is accelerated at the landfill Volkswagen one way to 434 km/h, and in another – to 427 km/h. In the Guinness Book of records went, the average time – 431 km/h, and formally the record is not broken, because the Venom GT has made in only one way. Such were the limitations, which for some reason has established the management of the spaceport. Let to fulfill the Guinness Book of records failed, but actually still indicators defeated, according to “Do”.

Externally, the Hennessey Venom GT looks like a stretched length-Lotus Exige than he actually is, but, unlike miniature English compartment, under the hood there is not a modest 1.8-liter “four”, and 7-litre V8 supercharged. He is more powerful 1200-strong powertrain Bugatti Veyron 62 HP and the car is much easier. If the Bugatti weighs 1888 kg, the new record holder curb weight is comparable to small cars – just 1244 kg

Representatives Hennessey believe that this record is not the limit. Their task is to reach 450 km/h.

Currently, the company produces several Venom GT in the year and asking for them from $ 600,000 to $ 1 million depending on the force level of the engine. There are plans to develop a dealer network in Europe, middle East, Asia, Russia.

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