Sofia-color: sale of auto chemical goods by the gross

Sofia-color: sale of auto chemical goods by the gross

The company LLC “Sofia-color” is the official dealer and dealer of several brands . has extensive experience in the trade of materials for repair: cosmetics. chemistry, solid colours. varnishes, primers m so We can offer You a wide range of products from renowned manufacturers. A distinctive feature of our work is the individual approach to each client, flexible prices and prompt delivery of your goods.

Sale of chemicals from official suppliers

Directory of our website You can choose and order in bulk solid colours and chemicals . I would like to draw Your attention that our store has a great experience in sales in this area, as well as many feedbacks from our regular customers. Following the advice and recommendations of the best professionals, we have been able to meticulously pick quite a wide range of quality and at the same time useful for car owners enthusiasts and drivers professionals products such as cosmetics, solid colours, varnishes, primers, abrasive materials, corrosion-resistant materials and mn. other All of our products have the necessary certificates of quality and tested for environmental cleanliness.

Often present on the market of low-quality goods with negative specific properties from unscrupulous manufacturers. We understands these problems and in our store all only from the best manufacturers in Russia and Europe the highest quality. This product not only meets all of its functional requirements, but also more economically spent. All available in our store chemicals meets the highest European standards and accepted safety standards, which is confirmed by Gosstandart of the Russian Federation. Among our clients are many large service stations, auto parts stores, individual entrepreneurs and private individuals.

Taking care of improving the level of service its customers, the company “Sofia-color” seeks to work with them individually. Customers can, without leaving the office, to carry out the selection of autopaints and pay for their orders, and to negotiate the terms of delivery.

Friendly website service company offers:

– chemicals and car care products from hundreds of suppliers, brands, presents extensive directory ;

– wide choice of goods at cost and delivery time;

– consultation of the Manager and his support in the selection of products;

– obtain the most complete information about any goods;

– possibility of payment on-line payment card;

– warranty on all products;

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