Useful articles and materials

Useful articles and materials

Diagnostics Toyota and car painting professional painting chambers Nova Verta

What determines quality auto painting and how to improve it? The answer to these and many other issues associated with painting cars is the right choice of paint-spraying booths. This equipment determines the quality of the coating layer. We in the technical service Abikar” use only the best equipment, in particular painting chamber Nova Verta. The advantage of these cameras over the other?

All of the main criteria of quality painting equipment (paint-drying chambers) two. First – level dust levels inside the camera. Sterility of space in manyways provides an even application of the paint layer, and ensures its best quality drying: dust is precipitated and does not stick to the freshly applied coating. In chambers Nova Verta used a four-stage filtration system for maximum removal of unnecessary particles and dust from the chamber. All the incoming air must be cleaned of dust and fine abrasive.

The second criterion can be called the light level inside the chamber. First, high-quality lighting allows the highest quality painting as fixed various flare, visually change the color of the paint, which greatly complicates the work.

Secondly, this coverage is important for drying painted car. In the chamber Nova Verta used a multi-tiered system of lamps. This provides shadow free illumination, so the entire area of the painted surface is always at the optimum temperature. Drying takes place evenly over the entire body. By choosing our service, the quality of work You should worry about is always performed at the highest level.

Buying a car is a very important step in every person's life, as with the role of customary pedestrian he becomes a driver that, accordingly, impose on it certain responsibilities. After purchasing many drivers "settle in" machine: buy air freshener, unusual seat covers, the cover on the wheel and so on. All drivers can be advised to purchase automotive led bulbs , the benefits of which we now discuss.
sVLO2fxx91I[1]Full car painting If scrapes, scratches, dents and other damage to the vehicle occupy a large area and are an impressive depth of our experts turn to complete the painting of the car body. Typically, this approach is justified if the damage took more than 50% of the auto body. In addition, this service is often used by owners not most new vehicles paintwork which has lost a presentable appearance due to prolonged exposure to natural factors.
ZAFIRA FAMILY Shown are recommended retail prices for Russia on cars 2014 edition of the program "Special prices for Opel cars 2014 release. These recommended retail prices are for informational purposes only, is not exhaustive and may differ from the actual price. Listed on the website prices, specifications, technical specifications are subject to change at any time without prior notice.