Vinography on auto – a new trend in vehicle styling

Vinography on auto – a new trend in vehicle styling

Want to give a unique style and the dramatic character of his car? The best option has always been airbrushing. Has long contests, which reveal the best works of art airbrushes. Technology is evolving, and today in large cities, such as Ufa, a new visual direction autoart – venography on auto . Attached to innovative technologies styling of vehicles!

Vinography on a car – this full-color large-format printing on the PVC film and pasting it in the body of the car. While it has lots of advantages. Among them:

precise execution. Unlike airbrushing, vinography on the car is initially carried out on the three-dimensional computer model. The customer is still at the stage of creating the design layout to clarify all details and to see the results and make necessary adjustments;

quick and affordable dismantling of the film. Unlike airbrushing, venography can be easily removed from the car. Just a few hours — and you will get the vehicle in its original form, no need to repaint the whole car or bodywork;

easy pre-sale preparation. Not every buyer will want to see on your newly purchased car such elements of visual art, how cute kittens or skull. Using venography on auto implies the possibility to restore a vehicle’s original appearance, thereby retaining its value.

additional protection of the body. PVC film with full color printing will not only decorate your car, but will prevent minor damage, such as scratches and chipped paint. Unlike airbrushing, damaged areas quickly printed and glued again.

one of the decisive factors in the final choice will be the price: vinography 2-3 times cheaper than the corresponding size of airbrushing on cars. Save with new technologies!

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