Polishing body

Polishing body

The car paint in the course of its operation quite easily covered with cracks and visible defects that not only affects appearance, but also harms the body. The solution to this problem can become a professional polishing, which not only gives the car a great look, but also eliminate cracks, scratches, remove the smallest irregularities in the coating and protect the coverage of external factors.

Polishing car body is divided into recovery(abrasive) and protective (non-abrasive) polishing.

Restorative polishing is recommended for vehicles with dim and shabby top coating. Technology restorative polishing allows you to remove all superficial scratches and abrasions, to restore the upper layer of varnish.

Protective polishing applicable for vehicles with a small degree of wear of paint. It allows you to remove small scrapes and turbidity varnish, to give a gloss finish and protect from harmful influences.

Master tech Center DRIVE perform professionally polished with the latest technology, in a specially prepared room in compliance with all technological norms and standards.

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sVLO2fxx91I[1]Full car painting If scrapes, scratches, dents and other damage to the vehicle occupy a large area and are an impressive depth of our experts turn to complete the painting of the car body. Typically, this approach is justified if the damage took more than 50% of the auto body. In addition, this service is often used by owners not most new vehicles paintwork which has lost a presentable appearance due to prolonged exposure to natural factors.
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