Assistance in the selection and purchase of used car

Assistance in the selection and purchase of used car.

Each person had a chance to buy a used car, faced a number of issues. From whom to buy a car? How to choose the right car? On what parameters to look for? Often at the time of purchase or after you start to doubt in the honesty of the seller. And such experiences are quite reasonable, since unpleasant “surprises” used cars are able to present even a year after purchase!

The best way to get rid of doubts – to turn to professionals which will help you to choose among the many machines offer one – best meets your requirements. The task of the specialists of our company – to provide you with professional assistance in finding the car. We will findused cars based on the client’s budget, while in good condition and with minimal defects. Continue reading

Toyota Crown. the safest Japanese car

Toyota Crown. the safest Japanese car

The Ministry of land, infrastructure, transport and tourism of Japan, in cooperation with an independent organization combating road accidents Japan, may 9, summed up the joint results in 2013. The main prize for the security went to the Toyota Crown sedan, the latest generation which was released in late December 2012.

According to the results of the crash test Toyota Crown showed the best result in the history of observations, earning 5 stars and 189,7 points. Of these 91 points for the safety of the driver and passengers, 92,74 points for the safety of pedestrians and 6.0 points for the correct operation of reminders Continue reading

State Duma Deputy: Gasoline in Russia can grow up to 50 rubles

State Duma Deputy: Gasoline in Russia can grow up to 50 rubles

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At full or partial use of Analytics, interviews or news IA ” Rosbalt» active Continue reading

We offer assistance in buying a car

We offer assistance in buying a car

Good day! We offer assistance in buying a car in Irkutsk (also work with other cities), namely:

-Assistance in the choice and selection of cars on Your options, with an unlimited number of views and diagnostics selected options, ie search and check until you find;

-Inspection of the condition of the car and its legal purity;

Support specialist on the market;

-Checking the body of a new car;

-Assistance in preparation of documents;

-Assistance in the design of automatic exchange;

-Specialist on all day.

Check before you buy includes not only technical diagnostics using high-precision instruments Continue reading

Named the fastest car in the world

Dream_50[1]Named the fastest car in the world

American car unofficially broke the speed record

The American company Hennessey has tested its Venom GT supercar on the runway at Kennedy space center at Cape Canaveral, and this model has reached such a speed, which has not yet been reached no production car in the world – 435,3 km/h. The previous record belonged to the Bugatti Veyron Super Sport: this model is accelerated at the landfill Volkswagen one way to 434 km/h, and in another – to 427 km/h. In the Guinness Book of records went, the average time – 431 km/h, and formally the record is not broken, because the Venom GT has made in only one way. Such were the limitations, which Continue reading

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Buying a car is a very important step in every person's life, as with the role of customary pedestrian he becomes a driver that, accordingly, impose on it certain responsibilities. After purchasing many drivers "settle in" machine: buy air freshener, unusual seat covers, the cover on the wheel and so on. All drivers can be advised to purchase automotive led bulbs , the benefits of which we now discuss.
sVLO2fxx91I[1]Full car painting If scrapes, scratches, dents and other damage to the vehicle occupy a large area and are an impressive depth of our experts turn to complete the painting of the car body. Typically, this approach is justified if the damage took more than 50% of the auto body. In addition, this service is often used by owners not most new vehicles paintwork which has lost a presentable appearance due to prolonged exposure to natural factors.
ZAFIRA FAMILY Shown are recommended retail prices for Russia on cars 2014 edition of the program "Special prices for Opel cars 2014 release. These recommended retail prices are for informational purposes only, is not exhaustive and may differ from the actual price. Listed on the website prices, specifications, technical specifications are subject to change at any time without prior notice.